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Conflict parties

The origin of all conflicts between me and my peers is that I do not say what I mean, and that I do not do what I say.” Martin Buber (1878-1965)

Conflict is a part of life. It is quite understandable that we are sometimes afraid of them. But is it not, at least in part, that we were afraid of life? I encourage people (myself included) to embrace the conflicts, challenge them, maybe laugh about them … even if that part usually comes a little later. Especially after you have worked out a good solution to the conflict.

Conflict parties can be understood as individuals, teams and groups or larger gatherings of people and organisations, most of whom are directly involved in a conflict and interested in its resolution.

Perhaps in a family conflict, in which the man/woman for example argue about the custody rights for the common children, about the care of the parents or about the inheritance. Maybe in a conflict at the workplace, where employees, managers or even entire companies see themselves in a dead end and can no longer maneuver their way out on their own. There, mediative support has proven to be very useful. Firstly, to help the parties to the conflict clarify their issues, needs and interests. Secondly, to strengthen them in finding creative solutions and then to work on them critically with the so-called devil’s advocate, so that the solution also becomes sustainable and viable.

If you have become a party to a conflict and would like to handle the conflict at hand in the area of labour | inheritance | environment | economy | science professionally and indeed out of court, I look forward to your making contact with me and send my kind regards,

Dr. Katarzyna Schubert-Panecka