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Business Coaching

Business Coaching for Individuals and Teams

It entails partnership-based assistance to individuals and/or entire teams who desire competent support in order to achieve their professional goals | constructive and efficient cooperation and/or also to make even better use of the diversity of their resources. According to the International Coaching Federation, coaching is also a process of asking thought-provoking questions and supporting creativity on behalf of the participants.

Coaches are asked to listen to the clients in a nonjudgmental and present way, to help them to understand themselves better, to evoke awareness and support learning. Last but not least by asking many questions that enable new insights, that often go to the heart of the challenge, that maybe even seem to be strange and confuse a little bit. Questions that many do not dare to ask, especially towards people in leadership positions. To support the clients in an ethical and effective way our work as coaches is flanked by the following ICF core competences and ethical rules, among others strengths like humor, trust and compassion.

Executive Coaching

It is a partnership-based assistance to executives who want professional support in order to achieve their professional goals | pursue constructive and efficient collaboration and/or also to make even better use of the diversity of their resources in the organisational context. 

Climate Coaching

It is another partnership-based assistance to executives and boards who want professional and experienced support in order to explore, create and implement a climate friendly strategy within the organisation.

The liquid modernity or the modern era, the world transformed by the economy, globalism, and the megatrends of the 21st century confront us with many conflicts, crises, and shortages that surround us and that, in their complexity, must be understood and addressed systematically. The climate crisis is one of the most important challenges of our time and requires us to change our attitude towards nature, but also a lot of strength and clarity to at least slow down this crisis. Businesses and organisations can be key actors in this effort: with your flexibility and progressiveness, you too can contribute a great deal to this process.

To support the success of this contribution, it is worthwhile to consider the status quo, the opportunities and the constraints with a critical climate coach, so that the change is motivated by an awareness of the challenge (and factors such as the expectations of younger generations of workers or government restrictions only a so-called hygiene factor). Such cooperation with a supportive partner in the sense of individual, long-term and truly sustainable strategies to become truly “green” both internally and externally is included in this coaching offer. This offer is aimed at companies and organisations that are striving for truly sustainable change and have recognised the need for it.

Conflict Coaching

Coaching can also be applied to conflict management. This refers both to situations in which the person concerned is involved in a conflict and wishes individual clarification assistance before the other parties involved are approached. There may also be situations in which it becomes clear that the other persons involved are initially not interested in conflict resolution and it is advisable to reflect on one’s own attitude and approach to the conflict in order to become capable of acting again. Or when a person’s conflicts seem to be repeating themselves, so to speak, and a presumption suggests that it would be useful to rethink one’s own patterns of thinking, behaviour and expectations in order to be able to manage conflicts better in the long term. Such a process follows the experience that all people have conflicts. It is just that some are better at dealing with them than others, and it is often a question of learning and rethinking that lies between the strategies.

Scientists Coaching  

Whether during the professorship, habilitation or doctorate, whether in the face of hierarchical dependencies or methodological ambiguity, right up to gender- or national-specific challenges in the everyday life of a scientist – here, too, the path can be made more constructive and easier if one clarifies these with a coaching partner.

Here is why and what such support is good for and what is the purpose of such support?

It is true that every person is an expert on his or her own life. Everyone can enjoy a healthy and gratifying professional and private life with a good self-knowledge. At the same time, people increasingly find themselves in situations where this expertise requires a clear focus and the client wants assistance in identifying (not yet utilised) resources and in removing obstacles. This holds true especially as we live and work in the time of an almost permanent balancing and prioritisation of diverse wishes, possibilities and necessities, in which an adept, goal-oriented and above all emphatic assistance can facilitate the achievement of the above-mentioned goals and also determine the way to achieving them. In my experience, this includes situations in which the clients

  • wish to advance their career in line with the values and also
  • seek orientation regarding values and goals
  • “as winners at the top”, are exposed to a great pressure to perform and want to develop a constructive way of dealing with this in a secure confidential environment
  • work in an intercultural context at large and consequently have to reflect on their leadership qualities
  • expect support for change processes and want to develop their leadership maturity to maintain their motivation or mental health.

On the other hand, there are situations in which personal and professional lives seem to be in conflict, or cultural or national diversity in the workplace causes more frustration than joy. Perhaps the conflicts with employees and superiors make you spend a disproportionate amount of energy and upset you or prompt you to internal or actual termination of work and not infrequently to psychosomatic illnesses.

On this way, wherever you wish guidance and support, I shall gladly support you in the form of coaching, individually or in a team | company | department to assist you as a matter of course within a short time to reaching your solution – Contact.

The hourly fee ranges between 420 und 270 Euro (each plus VAT) and depends on the character of the procedure and the financial situation of the client. In addition, in the coaching of executives or scientists, packages are offered that contribute to sustainable and effective development as well as the transfer of what has been learned (for example, 5 sessions of 60-90 min. each, 2-3 rounds at longer intervals as needed). 

Other focal points

  1. Leadership through Emotional Intelligence
  2. (Self-) leadership with medi(t)ation and coaching skills
  3. Mental health in leadership (mine and my employees)
  4. Climate communication and climate connected conflicts
  5. (Digital) Leading of international teams
  6. Leading in diversity (generational | disciplinary | gender or other).