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Mediation Training

Mediation training for the New Work environment 

You are an entrepreneur | organisational leader | executive | project manager | Scrum Master or Product Owner or you working in another responsible function and you would like to 

  • develop personally
  • and expand your skills in dealing with conflicts? 

In particular, do you want to quickly identify potentials for conflicts and mediate conflicts, preferably prevent them and lead yourself and your team or the project in a sustainable manner? If so, it might be worthwhile to develop your own competencies in dealing with conflicts. It has become very important to take into account the challenges of the so-called VUCA world as well as to strengthen one’s own attitude and enhance the toolbox for dealing with conflicts in multicultural and increasingly digitally localised work contexts. Especially if your role requires you to manage a lot of tasks day in and day out, and you may be experiencing how difficult it is to keep up in a world that is becoming so Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA).

We see ourselves as mediators and facilitators of people and organisations and design processes in which they find their way to themselves and to others in a constructive way. Against this backdrop, we are launching in October 2022 an innovative training program tailored to the challenges of the VUKA world for mediators who want to operate in and constructively influence the organisational context. The basis of such influence is solid self-leadership supported by mediative, communicative and intercultural skills. The training is scientifically sound and based on our years of interdisciplinary and international expertise. This is the added value this training can offer: 

  • You will gain a better understanding of yourself and your own beliefs, values and also conflict roots as well as your behaviour in a conflict, so that you can control it better and deal with conflicts more constructively (strengthening emotional intelligence).   
  • You will also learn how to recognise conflict potentials in time and to apply tools that enable you to exploit them in a resource- and future-oriented way as well as to manage conflicts in a sustainable way. 
  • You will also be able to support your employees in seeing conflicts more as opportunities and in providing adequate space for the inevitable changes. 
  • You will learn to better cope with the challenges of the VUCA world in its multidimensional characteristics, and further develop your ambiguity tolerance and intercultural competence. 
  • You will expand your digital competence for the field of mediation, so that you will also be able to accompany teams and other stakeholders who collaborate predominantly online. 
  • You will get an opportunity to develop concepts, competencies or concrete designs for your direct environment with professional support in order to make it more conflict-resistant and successful.

For us, the competence for self-leadership and sustainable personal development represent the basis for constructively influencing the New Work environment, for successful mediation in conflicts and also for establishing conflict competencies in organisations. This competences therefore play an important role in our mediation training. Another pillar of our training concept is the transferability of methods and processes to digital media. To support this, in addition to the eight on-site modules (the final number will be determined in line with the actual coronavirus pandemic measures), we shall deliver five sessions in virtual rooms, to further strengthen your digital skills and help you better understand of the processes involved.