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Research on Coaching & Mediation

Coaching and mediation have been increasingly researched in many countries and different disciplines for several years. The focus of interdisciplinary research is on the effectiveness of both procedures, the associated methods, their establishment and also framework conditions in diverse contexts.

Since I am fascinated by the transition between science and practice and I highly appreciate the effectiveness of the chosen procedures, methods and approaches, I have been involved in this work for many years now and would also like to share the results of various works with you. Here, therefore, you will find excerpts from various methods and research that may strengthen your work as a coach or mediator. Those who would like to learn concrete methods and supervise cases are again welcome at the case and method workshops, peer consulting – which I provide in cooperation with ICF Germany – or an individual co- or supervision session. Please contact me in case of any such interest.

On to the research projects, about the research projects: In 2010, Björn Neuhaus, Dr. Jürgen von Oertzen and I launched the Mediation Research Group (ForMed). Our aim was to support research on mediation, to contribute to an overview of research projects, initially in the German-speaking region, and above all to bring together people who practice it and want to exchange ideas. Early in 2013, the two colleagues left ForMed and Prof. Dr. Katharina Kriegel-Schmidt and Klaus Schmidt took their place. Since then, our new trio have served on the ForMed’s leadership team to advance the study into mediation, connect researchers across their disciplines, and guide and initiate research projects. Once a year we organise a research colloquium, promote and arrange meetings, support publication and project ideas and much more. Since 2010, we have held a total of 17 colloquia, mostly in Karlsruhe and Berlin. We also been visited the universities in Hamburg, Cracow as well as Heidelberg, Potsdam and were also active online to reach most of the members. In October 2022 we are planning the 18th colloquium, this time in German again. The calls for papers and the programme can be found on the ForMed website.

We take up publication and project ideas on various occasions. As members of various editorial boards and committees, we welcome ideas and opportunities to network, share and further develop knowledge about mediation and coaching. Therefore, I refer collegially to the following journals and series of publications:

The Mediation 
Conflict Dynamics 
Perspective on Mediation 
Spectrum of Mediation
and the Viadrina series on Mediation and Conflict Management