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Companies and organisations

Today’s organisations and businesses face diverse challenges. They are perpetually striving for the best brains in the global competition and are nonetheless confronted with the limitations of the glocal supply. They are challenged environmentally and pressured financially as some of the tasks seem to contradict each other and the growth in complexity rather frightens them than is source of pleasure. Nevertheless, more and more interesting approaches appear to

  • getting to like the complexity of the New Work environment and the so-called VUCA world, to learning from it and to prospering within it;
  • equipping multicultural teams with necessary competencies in their virtual and agile working environment;
  • addressing internal and external conflicts proactively as well as curatively in a constructive manner and settling them out of court.

I look forward to your making contact with me if any of the needs described here apply to you. Of course, also if you lead or represent a company that wants to align its structure and culture with the challenges of a digitalized work environment of the future, and, if necessary, to frame it democratically. Or if you want to contribute in the era of the so-called VUCA world of self-leadership and mediative competence and thereby also to the health of your employees or the entire organisation in the long and sustainable term. Or if you are a human resources developer looking for an interdisciplinary coach, mediator or trainer.

What those formats have in common is their goal of supporting people and companies in understanding themselves and others and assisting them in their transformation into functional setups. In this, both the corporate structures and the mental health of each individuals as well as of entire teams, departments or (domestic and foreign) subsidiaries are taken into account and the following objectives are possible:

  • Professionalisation of internal and external communication in line with a (intercultural) business etiquette in your company
  • Clarification of leadership issues
  • Dealing with role conflicts
  • Handling internal or B2B disputes
  • Development of climate strategies, along the values and sustainability focus in the respective structure. 

introducing and structuring up – encouraging and facilitating – clarifying and supporting – inspiring and fascinating.

Dr. Katarzyna Schubert-Panecka