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Who I am today is best shown by the topics, procedures and formats I deal in and which I am pleased to offer you for handling your case and for the further development of your personality and your company respectively. And that in particular, as further development is somehow my middle name and my constant companion, which allows me to experience joy and pleasure from the deepening and encountering. 

Firstly, as your executive and business coach, supporting you with issues of self-leadership and leadership skills, motivation and resilience. Secondly, as your team coach for successful collaboration and diversity leadership. Thirdly, as your mediator, should your own efforts to deal with conflicts constructively and sustainably need to be complemented by a neutral third party after all. As a university lecturer, speaker or trainer, I am also involved in knowledge transfer, as a researcher with the Mediation Research Group, as an expert coach for academics and as a mediation supervisor for professional colleagues. However, the designation of my role is clearly less important than that we shall strive to find a good approach together to your specific request.

You are getting the point, are you not? I have a great deal of pleasure in working with people and organisations, in supporting your communication internally and externally. But for me, joy and ease also come from learning, complexity and the eclectic approach to diverse topics. Last but not least, this approach enables you to develop new perspectives, contexts and competencies. These, mixed with the clarity and achievement of your goals often lead to sustainable solutions, such performance and vitality on an individual as well as corporate level. My clients often report back to me that they particularly liked the ease, empathy and competencies in my coaching and mediation and that those have helped them onwards with their specific concerns. 

Here is more information about the background of my work:

Establishing and maintaining business or scientific relationships across geographical and even mental borders currently requires more than just specialised knowledge, business skills and professional experience. Rather, individuals as well as entire organisations in the so-called VUCA world are required:

  • to constantly develop and deepen their range of competences,
  • to work in a networked, inter- to transdisciplinary environment, fast and agile,
  • to constructively and innovatively deal with scarce resources, conflicts and crises, as well as
  • to think globally and develop  friendly approach to themselves and the environment, in order to ultimately be able to respectfully encounter otherness of any kind.

In a nutshell: to become an overall competent person equipped with many social, organisational, professional and methodical competences. One who is innovative and flexible, capable of constant growth and awareness of balance. Who easily succeeds in building and maintaining interpersonal relationships in the globalized world. This includes being able to perceive and understand the possible social, cultural or disciplinary influence on the behaviour of their counterparts, co-workers or mediators of different origins and to transform this into daily actions.

This is a kind of growth that ultimately leads you to perceiving such challenges as opportunities and supports the successful pursuit of your business or life goals. Among other things, this can be achieved (preemptively) through tailored organisational and curricular measures that serve to acquire the necessary competencies and establish a diversity-sensitive corporate culture, which can range from external mediation support in cases of conflict to the acquisition of mediation competencies at management level and among employees.

What those formats have in common is their goal of supporting people and companies in understanding themselves and others and assisting them in their transformation into functional setups. In doing so, both the corporate structures and the mental health of each individual as well as entire teams, departments or foreign branches are taken into account. Thus, the following objectives become attainable:

  • Professional internal and external communication aligned with a (intercultural) business etiquette in your company
  • Identification of resources all the way up to strategy development for you as a leader for your team or your company
  • Clarification of leadership issues, resolution of role conflicts and establishment of a customised leadership style
  • Resolution of intra-company or B2B disputes.
  • Development and establishment of sustainable and climate saving oriented strategies.

PS. While 20 years ago I was convinced that I could contribute to justice on our planet within and along with the legal profession, today I have taken a completely different approach in my pursuit of this and other values. Signposted by UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT AND INTEGRITY that respect the freedom of every other person, this journey with you will be colourful and diverse, challenging and gratifying at the same time. These signposts represent the most important values with which and for which I support companies, institutions, managers and also students. All those people who want to develop and perceive the resources of individuals, teams, companies and also of the conflicts by adding value instead of destroying it. Those interested in peace with themselves and also in profitable and energy and cost saving partnerships.