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About me

In order to support you competently, I have completed various training programmes and gained professional and volunteer experience, which will also be of benefit to you. I have worked with political representatives at the federal and regional levels, mostly in Germany and in Poland; with entrepreneurs, managers and executives as well as teams from various companies in the following fields and with scientists of various disciplinary provenance. I am familiar with those areas, and I am quite enthusiastic about exploring new areas and learning new things. My hobbies, such as music, enjoyment of languages and physical exercise, also contribute to this. From this a disciplinary, professional, cultural and linguistic diversity has arisen which continues to grow and which allows me to competently contribute to your solution and agility. In addition, it is supported by the following:

  • my years-long experience in the intercultural context,
  • the combination and internalisation of legal, economic and scientific components and competencies,
  • crisis resistance, goal-oriented action, analytical thinking and empathy,
  • playful engagement with the diversity and multidimensionality of every human being, not least because of his or her cultural imprint, and this in both professional and private contexts.

That includes various development and learning phases that have helped shape my career so far.