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Climate friendly, practically … good

Welcome to the website of Business Mediation & Climate Communication. My name is Katarzyna Schubert-Panecka and I kindly welcome you to my virtual "office". Here you will learn who I am and how I support individuals, teams and organisations and help them to

  • identify their potentials and resources, develop them creatively and use them in the respective context with more joy and ease,
  • expand their intercultural | leadership | mediative competences and to apply them in the so-called BANI world
  • deal with conflicts in a constructive way.

If you are interested in - personal and/or organisational - further development of competences, strategies for work-related challenges and inclusion, or resolution of specific conflicts, I invite you to an obligation-free initial contact to explore the possibilities. Especially if you are active in the business, academic or political and intercultural context or interested in the New Work environment and perhaps also in seriously pursuing the big issues of globalisation and sustainability, our cooperation could obtain a good starting point. 

To summarise it shortly: the landscape outlined here contains not only an inherent level of complexity, non-linearity, incomprehensibility, but also interculturality and climate crisis in the background that is impossible to ignore when interacting with clients. Therefore, I usually take into account this component while applying a lethological attitude, empathy and compliance with the ethical rules. To provide the depth, creativity and practicality of the measures that you can then implement in your thinking and action space, combined with your willingness and desire to change and learn

A brief comment on the diversity in this landscape: on the one hand, it refers to the collaboration with people coming from different disciplines and generations, linguistic and national cultures, as well as organisational cultures. On the other hand, it is characterised by the fact that one is exposed to the indeterminacy of new situations - which is common today - and must constantly reorient oneself, negotiate new rules and practice one's own tolerance of ambiguity. The intercultural competences required for this, including openness, (self-) leadership skills and also mindfulness, must therefore be questioned and developed again and again. Just when the complexity seems to almost overwhelm you and you want to sidestep into a clear field of vision, it is where systematic observation and endurance of uncertainty come into play, whilst an external perspective can be insightful. I would be happy to support you with my preference for complexity, networked and interdisciplinary thinking as well as methodical approach and to offer you customised designs depending on the specific concern (see also Mediation Training | Lectures | Coaching Mediation | Peer Consulting, offered in German, English and Polish).

Now how does it work exactly? Assuming that you are looking for an accomplished support in the above mentioned area, we would first examine together where exactly you want them to be applied and what results you want to achieve. In an initial meeting we would look together at which approach is best suited to the issue at hand, what the possibilities and limits of cooperation are, who needs to be involved and what a sustainable support can look like. Our cooperation would become particularly interesting,

  • if you manage or represent a company that wants to align its structure and culture with the challenges of a digitalised and multicultural work environment of the future and to lend it a democratic framework if necessary; 
  • if you want to strengthen participative and inclusive collaboration of international scholars in the university management bodies or to support the latter in the academic context, tapping into the advantages of self-leadership, intercultural and mediation competences and contribute to the success of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects in a sustainable way;
  • as an experienced leader, if you want to expand your personal reflection, maturity and perhaps impact in interaction with a benevolently confrontational partner;
  • and/or if want to treat your team to embracing further competences and effectiveness, for example through access to reflection as well as to intercultural or mediation competences;
  • if you are a human resources developer looking for a coach, mediator or trainer with the mentioned competences, or
  • if you are a party to a conflict and want to handle it professionally and out of court in the area of business | labour | science | inheritance | NGO;
  • if your are a same-line-of-business professional and want to reflect and develop your work methodically and/or case-related.

Does any of the descriptions fit you? If so, I am confident that you will find what you are looking for on the following pages and are kindly invited to contact me. Even if you have not found a solution here so far, you are welcome to contact me anyway to see if I or a colleague of mine can possibly find a solution to your problem. In both cases, I am happy to work with you to find out which format of cooperation suits your and, if applicable, your company's concerns.

Individually or organisationally - within the spectrum of my services - I shall be happy to support you and your company at a level playing field in achieving your goals,

introducing and structuring up - encouraging and facilitating - clarifying and supporting - inspiring and fascinating. 

I look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Katarzyna Schubert-Panecka

*In the digital era, these processes take place both online and offline, depending on the needs and circumstances of the particular request (relying on the digital fluency and support from my side).